Ancient Wrath


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Ancient Wrath 


Finaly! After over 1 year of work i am proud to present you my first Zombie Escape map. 

Countless hourse of mapping and an unusual amount of thought went into this project.



Map features: 


-Custom Textures 

-Custom Music 

-Custom Particles 

-Custom Sounds 

-5 Human Weapons 

-2 Zombie Weapons 

-4 Stages

- This is the full version of the map no updates till v2! 

- Please report any bugs in the commands below. 

- A fixed version will be released with v2. 

>>>Version 1_fix2<<< 

Thanks to the UNLOZE Community

Thanks to staycool!



This will be the final version for some time. 

I will work on v2 in the meantime. 

This version is stable and has every major and minor bug as to this point fixed. 

V2 will be a huge update with a new difficulty for the tryharder under you.